vie alpinistiche o sportive di piu' tiri

per nostra memoria elenchiamo in questa sezione anche i monotiri
Yosemite Valley - California
  • El Capitan, via Salathè. 
  • Half Dome, via Snake dike. 
  • Manure Pile Buttress, via Fecophilia. 
  • Swan slab, via Aid route. 
  • Middle Cathedral Rock, the central pillar of Frenzy.
  • Royal Arches: vie Y carck, Serenity crack
  • Arch Rock: vie ?.
Tuolumne Meadows - California
  • Fairview Dome, via Lucky Streaks. 
  • Stately Pleasure Dome, via Table of contents. 
  • Harlequin Dome, via Hoodwink. 
Joshua Tree - California
  • Real Hidden Valley, vie: Lucky Lady, Sphincter quits, Dodo's delight, Illusion dweller, Loose lady, Run for your life, Puss N'Boot. 
  • Sheep Pass, vie: Walk on the wild side, Cheap way to die. 
  • The Outback, vie: Looney tunes, Stand and deliver. 
  • Echo Rock, vie: Touch and go, C.S. Special, Cornerstone, Out on a limb. 
  • The Wonderland, vie: Solid gold, Figures on a landscape, Such a savage. 
  • Indian Cove, vie: Goodbye Mr. Bond, Sweat band, Quivering savages. 
Devil's Tower - Wyoming
  • via Tulgey wood. 
City of Rocks - Idaho
  • Practice Rock, via Little overhang. 
  • Helephant Rock, vie: Columbian crack, Just say no, Pretzel logic, Heironimus bosch. 
  • Parkinglot Rock, vie: Delay of game, Just another pretty face, Tow-away zone, Hammrhead, Cairo. 
  • Window Rock, vie: Shès the bosch, Singapore. 
  • Bath Rock, vie: Sunday meeting, Collusus. 
  • The Incisor, vie: Skyline, Strategic defense, Crack of doom. 
  • The Anteater, vie: Swiss cheese, Scream cheese. 

  • The Dolphin, vie: No porpose, Seaweed, Knossos, Knossos right, Amphibian.
Shawagunks - New York
  • The Trapps: vie Try again, Fly again (toprope), CoExistence, Directissima, Ent Line (toprope).
  • Near Trapps: vie Transcontinental nailway, Slammin' the salmon (toprope), Birdland.
New River Gorge - West Virginia
  • Karymoor, vie Rico Suave, Out of the bag, Preparation H, Pockets of resistance, Oh it's you Bob, Tar Baby.
  • Central Endless Wall, vie Muckraker, Discombobulated, Legagy, The Glass Onion.
Red River Gorge - Kentucky
  • Roadside crag: vie A.W.O.L., sn, GDragonslayer, sn, Crazy Fingers, Jersey Connection
Jackson Falls - Illinois
  • Left side: vie Group Teraphy, Psycho Teraphy, left of KIng's Jester, Bursting Out, Tens of fun, right of Viking Blood.
Eldorardo Canyon - Colorado
  • Redgarden Wall, vie Evangeline, Wasabe, Slow dancing, Touch and go.
Rifle - Colorado
  • vie K.P.M.S., Ivory tower, Community Service.
Red Rocks - Nevada
  • The Gallery, vie Pump first play after, A day in the life, Minstrel in the gallery, Yaak Crack, The gift, Where the down bays go, Glitch.
  • Wake up wall: vie First born, Just shut up and climb, Good moorning, Pain crack.
  • The Trophy: via the Trophy.
Mount Sherman - Nevada
  •  non conosciamo il nome dei tiri saliti.
Bishop - California
  •  Owen's River Gorge, non conosciamo il nome dei tiri saliti
El Capitan - Salathe' Wall
Tuolumne Meadows
Joshua Tree
Devil's Tower
City of Rocks - The Dalphin
New River Gorge
Red River
Red Rocks - The Trophy
Buttermilk, Bishop